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Dusseldorf ALLEMAGNE
Artiste designer
Planetenstrasse 1

Objet Grande Série (>100)
colours of light, a malody of sounds
the vertical glass tube contains light which radiates froml the round stainless stees base. The countours of the glass tube become invisible and the room becomes illuminated with what seems to be a light sculpture, creating a special atmosphere.
When removing the tube from the steed base the didjLight becomes a musical instrument and delights with the deep sounds emanating from it.
reddot award : product design / designer Thomas Ulrich

Stainless steel and borosilicate glass
A power ful contrast between vividlight and metallic reflectors
The matt finished body of the DidjLignt is made from hardened Borosilicate Glass al so known as Jena Glass and is engthened to 2.4 mm The glass tube is robust and can with stand temperatures from 30 celsius and up to 530 celsius. The glass body stands on a high quality stainless steel whose weight guarantees the stability of the light sculpture.

L : 146 cm D :4,5 cm  

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liste objets design verre